Carona pandemic,  had shed a light on the importance of blood and blood donation drives across the world, especially in a country like India where medical infrastructure and availability of the platfom that shares information on medical needs is a scarcity. statistics shows, for every two seconds there is need for blood in some or the other place from medicore to serious medical emergencies. Unlike other medical needs that can be produced artificially, blood cannot be manufactured, it can only be collected through blood donors. Hence to balance the demand and supply of blood the world needs generous blood donors. many organisations are facilitating their best to evolve blood donation drives over the last few months.

Pranadatha, a one stop solution for all the medical emergencies that can come to the rescue of the people who are badly in need of medical assistance and aid. Pranadatha runs solely on the lines of ” In time Medical Support for Needy”.

Saving a human’s life is one of the best actions considered by God. And we are here to ensure life safety of every India. This work is not just about you. It is about you all everyone. We all should support each other in saving lives of the people. And thus we invite everyone of you to join Pranadatha team. We will be happy to well come you and work together in this platform.

Prandatha is a pan India platform and we invite volunteers from across India to join our cause. To register with us, please send us message on the whatsapp number and our team will get back to you.